Professional Consulting & Administrative Services for Pension Plan Sponsors

Our actuaries and consulting staff provide innovative and cost-effective solutions for our clients who sponsor mid-sized pension plans in Canada.

DB Plan Outsourcing Services

We offer a total bundled outsourced solution for any defined benefit plan in Canada.

Ideal Canadian Pension Plan

Read more about the innovative, industry-changing Ideal Canadian Pension Plan (ICPP).

Annual Pension Statement

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We offer complete consulting, actuarial and administrative services as they relate to the design, implementation and maintenance of retirement savings arrangements. We also provide actuarial services related to the financial reporting of post-employment benefits.

Our Staff

We provide services to our clients on a team-based approach, whereby each of our clients has access to two actuaries or consultants with direct client knowledge. We assign Associates and Technical Assistants as necessary to provide day-to-day support on a dedicated basis, and our other actuaries and consultants are available to provide peer review on important issues.


Partner and Consultant of Robertson, Eadie & Associates

REA Drew Luchies


Partner and Consultant of Robertson, Eadie & Associates

REA Stephanie Santamaria


Partner and Consultant of Robertson, Eadie & Associates


Recent Publications

Further to our formal professional development policy, Robertson, Eadie & Associates authors and contributes to various papers and articles dealing with Canadian pension matters. Below, please find some of our recent publications:

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