Our Company


We were established on October 1, 1991 with a goal of providing custom pension plan services to mid-sized pension plan sponsors in Canada.

Over the last twenty years we have provided our services to well over 100 pension plan sponsors and now have a staff of more than 20, including consultants, actuaries, and pension administration staff ready to provide our services.


Our firm was established to provide pension plan services to clients who are looking for customized services of the highest quality and at an appropriate price. Goals that we believe can only be delivered by a small company with a motivated staff.

Mission Statement

Robertson, Eadie & Associates Ltd. (“RE&A”) promises to provide high-quality pension solutions at an affordable price. All of our services will be provided transparently using methods agreed to in advance by our clients. RE&A will promote its unique Ideal Canadian Pension Plan as the best pension solution in Canada. RE&A will provide full support, with all available resources, to implement and maintain the Ideal Canadian Pension Plan for the benefit of its stakeholders. RE&A will only employ staff capable of delivering on its promises.


We believe that remaining small allows us to remain agile in designing solutions that best meet our clients’ goals. Being active in the pension administration community and volunteering our time and resources with professional bodies allows us to remain up-to-date on changes to the pension market place and actuarial practice. Participating in cooperative education programs at multiple universities creates beneficial relationships between our firm and the faculties and provides access to the newest and brightest pension consulting talent.

Professional Development

To ensure our clients receive up-to-date information on changes and trends in the industry, our formal professional development policy requires each of our consultants to maintain a comprehensive working knowledge of the legislation and new developments affecting retirement savings plans in Canada.

To meet our requirement, our staff:

  • Participate in professional activities related to our area of expertise.
  • Volunteer with professional organizations.
  • Maintain regular contact with professionals active in the pension industry.
  • Write industry articles for publication.
  • Speak at professional meetings.