Our Services

We provide complete consulting, actuarial and administrative services as they relate to the design, implementation and maintenance of retirement savings arrangements. We also provide actuarial services related to the financial reporting of post-employment benefits, other than pension benefits.

Actuarial Valuations

Our actuaries perform actuarial valuations of pension plans to provide: assistance to our clients in the development of funding strategies, information regarding annual funding requirements, provincial and federal actuarial certifications, support required in mergers, acquisitions and divestitures and support in collective bargaining. Our actuaries also perform actuarial valuations of pension plans and non-pension post-employment benefits for financial statement reporting purposes and have extensive experience with all major accounting standards.

Pension Plan Design and Review

We assist our clients in evaluating retirement plans to determine if the plans meet the needs and objectives of all relevant stakeholders. Our consultants’ comprehensive working knowledge of the legislation and new developments and trends affecting retirement savings plans in Canada ensures that our clients’ plans meet their needs.

Employee Communication Services

We assist in the communication of pension and retirement-related information through customized annual member pension statements, delivery of education seminars, participation in one-on-one meetings with plan members, preparation and delivery of employee booklets and other written materials, and more.

Defined Benefit Plan Outsourcing Services

We have developed a Total Outsourced Bundled Solution for any defined benefit arrangement in Canada. Key elements of this arrangement include reduction of governance obligations; lower member and employer fees; outsourced actuarial, administrative and financial reporting; custodial/trustee services; pension fund audit services; investment services; and preparation of annual compliance reports. This cost-effective service package relieves plan sponsors of time-consuming day-to-day administrative duties, freeing valuable resources and personnel in pursuit of the core business.

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Pension and Benefits Administration

We offer pension administration services to our clients through full record-keeping services as a third-party administrator, including electronic maintenance of member records; annual updates of member records and preparation of comprehensive company listings; calculation and reporting of Pension Adjustments (PAs), Pension Adjustment Reversals (PARs), and Past Service Pension Adjustments (PSPAs); calculation of members’ entitlements on termination of employment; retirement or death, including preparation of option forms and authorization of payment forms; preparation of pension estimates; and when requested or authorized by our clients, direct contact with plan members. We have bilingual staff and routinely prepare statements, forms and correspondence in French. We also offer dedicated toll-free telephone lines for our clients and their Members.

Plan Document Writing and Review

We support our clients in the preparation of various documents associated with their pension plans, either with preparing documents directly for review by our clients or with reviewing documents prepared by our clients or their legal counsel. These documents include formal Plan Texts, formal Amendments and Board Resolutions, and Statements of Investment Policies and Procedures.

Pension Governance

We assist our clients in the governance of their pension plans by developing governance guidelines and documents, monitoring our clients’ governance guidelines, participating in pension committee and pension advisory committee meetings, and monitoring compliance with the tax authority and legislative reporting requirements.

Investment Monitoring and Management Review

We provide investment monitoring services to our clients, using our clients’ Statements of Investment Policies and Procedures and survey information purchased from independent providers. We also assist our clients in investment management reviews with a process that involves: determination of appropriate investment objectives; development of investment strategies, policies and procedures; selection and analysis of investment managers whose funds meet our clients’ objectives; interviews with prospective candidates; selection of replacement managers, where appropriate; and transition to new managers. Once new managers have been retained, we revert to the regular monitoring described above.