Defined Benefit Plan Outsourcing Services

We have developed a Total Bundled Outsourced Solution for any defined benefit arrangement in Canada. Key elements of this comprehensive service package include reduction of governance obligations; lower member and employer fees; outsourced actuarial, administrative and financial reporting; custodial/trustee services; pension fund audit services; investment services; and preparation of annual compliance reports. This cost effective solution relieves plan sponsors of time consuming day-to-day administrative duties, freeing valuable resources and personnel in pursuit of core business. Learn more:

Since outsourcing our defined benefit plans to RE&A we have experienced a significant reduction in our governance and administrative duties, relieving our human resources team of a considerable burden. The outsourced arrangement has also proved to be quite cost-effective compared to running our plans in house. – Cindy Palmer, Director, Total Compensation & Rewards, Andrew Peller Limited

Included Services:

  • Plan oversight and governance
  • Professional investment oversight
  • Actuarial services
  • Pension administration services
  • Custodial operations
  • Member communications
  • Regulatory and legislative compliance
  • Benefits payments
  • Pension committee stewardship
  • Oversight of third-party service providers
  • Participant record maintenance
  • Lost participant management